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18/12 Terem Quartet - masterpieces of world`s cinema

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On December 18th at 7PM will perform Terem-Quartet with fantastic new programme of masterpieces of world`s cinema.

Terem-Quartet was the first ensemble that, back at the end of the 1980s, tried to combine in its music what seemed at that time uncombinable – academic music, folk and rock, by creating its own “Folk-Rock-Fantasy”. They were the firt Russian folk instrument ensemble to win the hearts of Russian philharmonic halls.
Terem-Quartet was the first ensemble to introduce into their music elements of theatre and mime. “Their music is in their glance, their smile, their cry, the swing of their head or, ultimately, in their grimace. Strange as it might seem, Russia also has musicians who see music not only in the score”. Nikolai Russkiy (Vechernaya Moskva, 30 May 2006)
And it is no mere coincidence that Terem-Quartet has become the ensemble invited to the most important international events, such as meetings between Presidents, the Moscow International Festival of Cinema, Eurovision or the Vancouver Olympic Games. After all, Terem-Quartet generates pride in our Russian musical culture and in our country, proving that Russian music is a part of global culture.

Additional information: http://www.ej.uz/terem and http://www.terem-quartet.ru/en

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