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On February 17th at 7PM in Riga Congress Hall will perform legendary Australian comedians The Umbilical Brothers with the show "Speedmouse".

The plot, for want of a better word: Taking advantage of the latest advances in performance technology, the boys have upgraded their acting to digital. That way they'd be able to immediately jump to any routine or fast-forward through the boring bits. Unfortunately, the show's remote control has gone missing. Tensions arise when the Umbies' newly-hired roadie clashes with David (he points out that there's no need for a roadie as there are no props or scenery to move), and the situation gets worse when show controller Tina starts playing mind games with Shane.
Oh, and somewhere along the way the audience get entertained. If they're lucky.

Age restriction: not suited for children under 16-years
Language: English
Entrance fee: 8-25 Ls

Additional information: http://www.umbilicalbrothers.com

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